Getting Involved In The Community

I'm super excited because I'm sponsoring my boys' softball team this year!!

The Durham East Softball Association is a terrific organization that I'm proud to be a part of and not just as a sponsor!  Our kids have played in the league since it started in 2006 and my husband is the new President of the Youth league while I'm going into my 4th season as President of the DESA Fun League (Adult league).

Being a volunteer can be very rewarding as well as very trying at times.  I try to stay focused on the rewarding part, lol!  I've met so many terrific people through this experience and I'm so glad I got involved!

We tend to live very over-scheduled lives these days and when we set our priorities it's hard to fit in extra stuff like getting involved in the community through volunteering.  I wish that more people could see what a difference a few hours and a few extra sets of hands can make to a community organization or at your children's school! I've seen so many great ideas get put on the back burner because there were just not enough people available to implement them!  Worse than that is when the volunteers that ARE making things happen get burnt out because there's not enough help!

It's funny how even things that benefit us directly in our own lives just don't make the cut! A few years ago I helped organize the Neighbourhood Watch in my immediate area and was shocked at what a hard sell it was to get people involved, we just barely squeaked by the criteria necessary to get the designation! I'm also saddened to know that the Block Parent program is no more due to a lack of volunteers!  Both of these initiatives are about keeping ourselves, our children and our property safe which are usually our top priorities, right?

In any event, off my soapbox and back to Opening Weekend for ball!

Saturday, was for the kids league, meet the coach, get your stuff and games start this week...I love watching my guys play, it's my favourite thing to do! 1st win in the books on Tuesday for Re/Max KellyBayne.Com! Go Team!

Sunday was our 1st game for the Adult league!  With just a few changes over the years our team has been together from the start!  Here's a picture of  "the Joiners" otherwise known as White Lightning in our stylin' new tye dye shirts! We're missing a couple of players in this shot so I'll post a new picture with everyone in it soon!

Unfortunately we lost our 1st game on Sunday...those darn Bow Sox! :( Not the way we'd hoped to kick off the season but there's always next week! Could this be the year we take the Montgomery Cup??!!! Stay tuned for that, lol......

Until Next Time…

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