The Power of Re-Living The Past

So I’ve been working on a fun little side project with the CRA for the past 3mos (and by fun I mean NOT AT ALL fun, lol!)

But as I’ve gone through tens of thousands of emails, text messages & files, both electronic & paper, to find the supporting documentation that I’m looking for, I’ve discovered somewhat of a silver lining to this whole miserable exercise…

And it’s that I’ve gotten to know myself better. Patterns of behaviour, both good & bad have become crystal clear. Things I couldn’t or wouldn’t see when I was in the thick of them are so obvious now that I can see the big picture. Successes, failures, decisions & consequences – they’re all there in black & white. I’m not going to lie, it’s been more than a little painful at times, to see that who I think I am is not always who I actually am. But I think I will be better for it in the end. A better REALTOR®, a better friend, a better wife. The lessons are there if I’m willing to learn…and I am. I’ve literally got a blueprint of what to do & what not to do so it would be foolish not to take advantage of it!
I know, I know, they say you’re not supposed to look backwards, but I think the key is not to unpack & live in the past, just take the lessons & move on…

January is a time of resolutions, self-improvement & goal setting for many, so that’s why I thought I’d share this story with you. You don’t have to go pedal to the metal like I have (thanks to scary deadlines, lol) but pick a year, and go through it to see what you can learn. Reflect. About yourself & about the people around you…and then pick another year, and then another and another & I bet you’ll find your own blueprint! Be bold & be brave & most of all, take action on what you find!

I’m going to make 2018 my best year yet, how about you?

Have an awesome day!