A surprisingly busy start to the year combined with a little writer’s block & here I am at the end of January finally hitting publish on my first blog post of the year!

FRAUD has been all over the news for the past few weeks thanks to 2 high profile cases of fraudulent real estate sales. For some reason this topic has been a tough one to wrap my head around & mostly it’s about what do I want to say about it? What is the point that I want to make? What value can I add to the conversation?


  • Regurgitate the news articles that have already been written with some added commentary?
  • Provide deeper context beyond the sensationalism of the news headlines?
  • Lament the fact that fraud seems absolutely rampant in every facet of our lives (the over-dramatic hot take)?
  • Ways to protect ourselves?


And that’s where I finally landed – how do we protect ourselves? And a bit about how rampant it is, from the little white lies to the really bad stuff…