5 Online Finds That Are Rocking My World!

The internet is awesome! Not only can you find great things like my blog on it ;) but pretty much anything else your heart desires...including tons of tips, tricks & solutions to make your life easier!

Here are my current top 5 that I think are....

5. My Deck Re-Finishing Fiasco - Now this one is Rocking My World in a BAD way...2yrs ago I proudly revealed my newly refurbished deck on my Facebook page. I had found a step by step guide on Pinterest, including what specific products to use, and when I was done, it looked amazing! To this day, it's still my most re-pinned post on that platform (you can check out all my Pinterest boards HERE). The following spring it looked like a nightmare :(

Everything Is Overpriced.

Until It's Not.

So says the super-smart, ever-inciteful Seth Godin in his most recent blog post... and which I think sums up the Spring Market we've just had, perfectly.

                                      (Image: Rhett Maxwell)

We've seen a tremendous jump in home prices in the first half of 2015, and only time will tell where we'll finish up at, come the end of the year. 

From the June/15 Bulletin of the Durham Region Association of REALTORS® (DRAR):

" The average price of a detached home in Durham
Region reached $502,079 in May 2015. In May
2014, detached homes sold for an average of
$428,914, which demonstrates a year-over-year
increase of over 17 per cent. The average price
for all home types in Durham was $449,837 last
month, an increase of 15.1 per cent compared to
the same period last year. "

The general consensus seems to be that this is the
"new normal" here in the Durham region.