5 Online Finds That Are Rocking My World!

The internet is awesome! Not only can you find great things like my blog on it ;) but pretty much anything else your heart desires...including tons of tips, tricks & solutions to make your life easier!

Here are my current top 5 that I think are....

5. My Deck Re-Finishing Fiasco - Now this one is Rocking My World in a BAD way...2yrs ago I proudly revealed my newly refurbished deck on my Facebook page. I had found a step by step guide on Pinterest, including what specific products to use, and when I was done, it looked amazing! To this day, it's still my most re-pinned post on that platform (you can check out all my Pinterest boards HERE). The following spring it looked like a nightmare :(
I'm going to do a whole post devoted to the RE-DOING of my deck in the next week or so because it could save YOU some of the aggravation that I'm going through right now, not to mention the time and money...and I don't know about you, but I really hate spending time & money on things that I've already spent time & money on! :(    To be continued...



                                                           Back To Square One....Boo:(

4. The Chalene Show Podcast - I love Chalene Johnson, period... but her recent series on Cyber Security after she got hacked by "Social Engineers" is something that EVERYONE should listen to AND implement the safeguards she talks about. Scary As Hell! Start with the June 12th episode called "Passwords won't protect you! How to NOT be HACKED" and listen to all 5 episodes on the subject....when you're done, be sure to check out all the other topics she's covered, you won't be sorry, I promise!

3. MagicPlan App - This is a new app that I've just started playing around with...the usefulness is pretty obvious for real estate but I think it would be great if you were planning a remodel or rearranging a room, space-planning before buying new furniture....and lots of other stuff too. I especially love the idea of using it to plan outdoor spaces! It's pretty simple to use, I did up this floorplan in about 10mins, using my iPad...it's not perfect, lol, but not bad for 10mins & being a first time user! My biggest problem was trying to define spaces in an open concept space...as you can see in the picture, the eating area got a little wonky! That whole space is actually a giant rectangle, with a hallway leading into the area between the family room & the eating area & a doorway off the kitchen into the dining room...I think it would be cool to include this with my listings & I know just the property this tool would be perfect for so I'd better get practicing!

2. Mongolian Beef - This recipe that I found on Pinterest is the bomb dot com! Incredibly easy to make, doesn't require a lot of ingredients & isn't a dealbreaker calorie-wise! Absolutely delicious served over jasmine rice! 2 tips for you with this recipe: use reduced-sodium soy sauce otherwise I find it's too salty and you may want to double the recipe because I guarantee you're going to want seconds! Enjoy! :)

                                                                 You're welcome! :)

1. How To Clean Your GE Profile Dishwasher - This is the video that inspired this blog post! This video just saved me hundreds of dollars because we were resigned to having to buy a new dishwasher...and ours is just not that old (6yrs maybe?) so it was pretty maddening! We've had repairmen in, I've followed tips & tricks that I've found online and NOTHING improved the sucky cleaning performance we were getting until my hubby followed the step-by-step instructions in this video. It now works like new! Yay!!!! Now this is specific to the brand that we own but if you're having trouble with a different brand, do a Google search or a YouTube search and maybe there's a video out there for you too! And if you DO have a GE Profile dishwasher then today is your lucky day! :)

Honourable mentions go to the following tips that are definitely worth sharing because they have all worked incredibly well for me, all found on Pinterest!

  • How I keep my white ski jacket, white HERE
  • How to keep your ceramic stovetop looking brand new HERE
  • When my awesome carpet cleaner guy, Barry from Renew-Carpet, isn't available when I need him, then THIS cleaning solution recipe in a Rug Doctor, rented from the grocery store, is the next best thing!

Have a fabulous day!

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