Vanity Insanity!

I normally have pretty good luck with pictures, I smile and everything usually turns out ok!

This has NOT been the case with pictures for my promotional material! It is literally making me crazy! I have a healthy amount of vanity but I don't obsess about how I look...UNTIL NOW!

I recently had some new head-shots taken, the original ones my husband took for me (the chosen one is on my business card and on my FaceBook Like Page) is not a high enough resolution and doesn't print well...which is too bad because I like that picture! It was 1 of 2 acceptable (to me) shots out of 75!!!!!!!
Oh the Humanity!

Now I'm getting a wrap on the rear window of my vehicle and the obsessing continues! The lovely and patient Caitlin Cameron of CH Photography & Imaging took A LOT of pictures during our session! The critical self-talk goes something like this...I look too frumpy, my hair looks funny, the collar of my shirt is messed up, I wish I was wearing something different and WHAT is up with the dark circles under my eyes!!! Caitlin & PhotoShop came to the rescue on the dark circles luckily...MUST get more sleep!!!

I'm honestly not that comfortable with focusing so hard on this, it's making me feel ridiculous  but I can't seem to help myself! Particularly with the car wrap which will be highly visible!

Here is the final proof for my window wrap...soon to be seen at a Tim Horton's drive thru near you, lol...

I wanted a casual, friendly & approachable vibe instead of the "stiff" typical Realtor pose and I hope that that's what I've ended up with...I think it's more in tune with my personality.  I hope this works out because it's being installed today and I've got to live with it for the next year until my lease is up!!!

Now to focus on watching my P's&Q's while on the road! I want people to call me because they want to hire me, not because they want to complain about my driving, lol!!!!!

So tell me what you think...

Until Next Time…

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