Hot Properties!

There's nothing more fun than holding an open house for a property that's well priced, well marketed and well presented! The energy is amazing!

Recently I hosted a double and it was so busy that people were lined up waiting for it to start!

I would say that this property offers a good lesson to homeowners and potential sellers on the value of making smart reno choices, keeping your home well maintained, and once on the market, ruthlessly clean and staged (in this case) just enough that it's easy to show but not difficult to live in.

For these sellers the hard work paid off (and make no mistake, preparing and having your home on the market is hard work)!  After less than a week they received an offer!

Some people believe that receivng an offer so quickly means that your Realtor underpriced your home.  While it's certainly possible, it's more likely that they simply did their job well!  Our job is to give price recommendations that are realistic and to market aggressively in order to get your home seen by as many people as possible! And remember too that it's a partnership and you have to do your share as well; this means make it easy for buyers to see your home, keep it clean etc...If all these things come together then your odds of receiving an offer quickly are greatly increased!

In a future post I'll talk about the importance of that 1st 2 weeks on the market, but that's it for now!

Until Next Time…

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