Open Houses and Photo ID

I recently hosted an open house for another agent and she requested that I not admit anyone without signing in and checking photo id.

The issue of requiring photo id has been discussed and is encouraged at my brokerage but it's not something that I've done so far.

I must admit that I was very uncomfortable with the idea because it feels a little heavy handed to me.  I dreaded this open house because of the "ick" factor of this one particular part and normally I LOVE doing open houses!

On the other hand I really do understand the need for it!  If I were the homeowner I know I'd feel more comfortable knowing that my agent was keeping a tight rein on who was going through my home!

Ultimately I'm responsible for the home for the 2 hour open house and if something were to happen then having a sign in sheet with accurate information on it is obviously what the police need to get to the bottom of the situation!

I expected visitors to be unhappy about it and some were, I expected that I wouldn't make any good contacts because we were starting from a place of distrust and I would be trying to make people do something they didn't want to do and I guess that remains to be seen...

My husband said that he wouldn't even bother to look at a house with that requirement just on principle and another visitor said I could check their ID as long as it wasn't recorded....sigh...

Overall it wasn't as bad as I thought and nobody walked away when they saw the sign, as a matter of fact it was probably the busiest open house I've hosted yet.

I'm curious to know what other people think about being required to show photo id and not being admitted without it.  Please take the time to comment, I'd love to hear different perspectives on this!

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  1. 09.25.11 Just did a google-search for "photo ID open house" to find more material about this subject. FYI: I've been requiring it for years. My trick is not to "ambush" the visitor, I.E.: to give them 3-5 advanced warnings via ample signage in the driveway, walkway, stairway, front door, anywhere the visitor can have 3-5 opportunities to (a) turn-around and leave, or (b) get their ID ready for me to see. My sellers like it, the real buyer likes it, and I like it. All the others can.... well.... do something else. Call me anytime 617.233.7995 or email Bill McGowan, Keller Williams Realty, Cambridge, MA