5 Things I've Learned From Showing Houses

1.  Lock boxes with letter codes should be outlawed....I can't work'em (at least not the 1st time and sometimes not the 10th ~sigh~) and they make me feel like a moron, lol!

2.  MLS photos and descriptions are designed to pique your interest and do not necessarily reflect the home in real life!

3.  #2 leads right into #3 which is preview as much as you can!  It's very difficult to determine things like how the floor plan flows etc., from pictures and you'll save your buyer some time...what looks good "on paper" or on the internet may not be suitable in the least!

4.  The GPS app on my Iphone is not necessarily that reliable!  If you like the scenic route then it's all good but the more direct route...not so much! :(

5. Sellers should really try to put their Buyers' hat on when they're either getting ready to go on the market or while they're there!  If you would get grossed out by a toilet that looks like it's never been cleaned EVER then my potential buyer(s) is probably going to feel the same way!  My hats off to my customer Marie who was a real trooper at one particular home that we looked at together!  The experience makes for a good story but not an offer....it's a shame too because on paper the house had all the right stuff but its condition was a total turn off!

So there you have it! Do you have any stories to share about looking at houses? I'd love to hear them!

Until Next Time…

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