Multiple Offer Strategies For Buyers

While doing my research for an appointment a few days ago I found that 10 homes have already sold in Courtice so far this year. 5 of them were listed either on January 6th or later & all had sold firm, on average, after 5 days on the market for 103% of the asking price!
Hello Multiple Offers...and further evidence to what I wrote about last week that Google Says January is Hot, Hot, Hot!

So let's talk about multiple offers today!

Let's face it, it's tough being a Buyer these days! Here are a few stories of strategies that I've used for my clients:
Geez...why does YouTube always pick the worst frame to capture...sigh ;)

Ask any REALTOR® to tell you about their war stories & chances are you'll get an earful when it comes to multiple offers!
I've had Buyers tell me that they won't even consider a home that has or could get multiple offers...but in a tight inventory market that's not really realistic. 
Set your boundaries ahead of time & decide what your "No Regrets" offer will be...if it sells for 1 more dollar than that you'll be OK with it's your "No Regrets" offer, lol! And remember that you may only get 1 kick at the can, you won't necessarily get a chance to improve that offer later!

You can't control the whole process but you CAN be in control of your own strategy within the process! In the words of the great Wayne Gretzky "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take".

Happy Househunting! 
(And if you're looking for a great agent to help you through the process...don't hesitate to get in touch!)

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