Bring It On 2015, I'm Ready For You!

I love the feeling of a fresh start! New tools, new ideas, new's an exciting time of the year for me!

                                               Let's pretend that says TODAY! :)

I'm a planner so that part is focus for this year is being consistent with executing the plan!

Even though I do a lot of stuff on my iPad...paperless agent & all that...there are some things that I just prefer paper for so I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new PLANNER!!!...(If any of my clients are reading this I'm sure they're getting a laugh thinking of my love of office supplies...bright water paper, a "juicy" pen & of course my red stamp, lol ;))

Doesn't it look awesome?? Sadly I ordered it too late for it to arrive by the beginning of the year so I'll be starting out with printed pages from the PDF version. YOU can get the PDF too...visit their website at & follow the instructions to get yours!

So I've got my juicy pens, a new time-blocked work schedule that I'm excited to follow & this mantra to keep me on track...

And then there's my good buddy Chalene Johnson! She's not only the creator of some of my favourite go-to workouts like TurboFire & ChaleneExtreme but she's also a Life Coach extraordinaire! Her 30 Day Push program is fantastic & FREE & her podcast, called The Chalene Show also features a variety of topics that never fail to give me some golden nugget to put into action! If you've never heard of her, be sure to check her can thank me later! :)
So I've got the tools & the plan...I can't wait to see what happens when I put it all together! :)
Some of the goals I've set for the this year are:
I will get more sleep, get back in shape & take better care of myself overall this year. 

I will delegate more so that I can focus on the key things that will allow me to achieve the goals I've set.

I will eat several frogs that have been plaguing me for quite some time now. You frogs know who you out! ;)

I will earn a new professional designation this year. I think the SRES or ASA would be the perfect next step!
And a really big one for me...ALWAYS & in ALL WAYS
I hope you feel as inspired & ready to take on 2015 as I do!
Ready...Set...Go! :)

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