How the MLS® Works

The latest Insights Report was just released & inspired the topic for today's post.

First, let’s start with some messages I’ve received recently:

Thought you'd send cheaper places, I see all these on

Where is the rest of the information about this house

Where are the photos?

Maybe you’ve had similar thoughts & questions, so let’s talk about how the MLS® works:

  • When a seller signs listing paperwork they can choose to be “exclusive” or on the MLS® - exclusive listings are NOT on the MLS®

  • MLS® listings are then uploaded to a data system operated by a real estate board – different boards use different data systems

  • Each real estate board then sends the listings to CREA (The Canadian Real Estate Association)

  • CREA owns the MLS® trademark logo & also administers & owns the & websites for the public

  • Through data sharing agreements (DDFs), listings are then distributed by CREA to websites like mine, other 3rd party sites like Zolo & HouseSigma & of course,

  • Bottom line is that if it’s an MLS® listing, then that listing is going to be on thousands of sites – YOU choose what site you’re going to look at it on

  • And the information is only as good as what was input into the data system in the first place – which means that if the listing agent didn’t include pictures in their submission, then there aren’t any available. Very rarely it means that there’s a glitch with the data transfer at the board level or at CREA & once that’s fixed, the pictures will be visible.

  • Why would an agent not include pictures? The most common reasons are that the property is tenanted & they haven’t allowed it, or it doesn’t “look” good in some way. No picture of the kitchen or bathrooms? They’re probably not renovated…

  • A few honourable mentions when it comes to “the information is only as good as what was input”:

    • We are limited to a list of specific key words when it comes to features & finishes of a property – for example, “granite” is a key word that’s available for countertops, but “quartz” isn’t. These key words are what allow a listing to be captured in a search

    • Not every field in the data submission form is mandatory – square footage & age of the property, to name a couple – which will make search results incomplete if you try searching by that criteria

    • In the “remarks” & “extras” sections of a listing we have free reign to write whatever we want

    • There are 2 “remarks” sections, 1 that the public can see & another that is only for agents

    • The data system software automatically capitalizes the first letter of each word – that’s not us, lol!

    • A human is inputting the listing data into the system, so mistakes do happen


So there you have it, a peek behind the curtain of how the MLS® works - from listing paperwork being signed, to the listing ending up in your inbox or on your screen each day! 

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