The Sold Data Saga...

So you may have heard that the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) has lost its appeal against the Competition Bureau regarding releasing sold data to the public. And my understanding is that they will be appealing again...sigh. It could take another year before we have a decision again & that's very frustrating for both consumers & forward thinking REALTORS®.

A few thoughts on this:
  • A REALTOR®'s value is NOT in being the gatekeeper for the sold data, our value is interpreting that data & educating consumers to help them make informed decisions. Taking the raw data & determining how it applies to a property that is to be bought or sold is the difference between success or failure for our clients. 

  • We bring additional value through our experiences in different market cycles, continuing education, knowing how & what to do to protect our clients' interests, innovative marketing strategies, our trusted network of contacts who can get done things done for you, when you need them done...guidance, counselling, mediation, helping people make their dreams come true...THIS is the value we bring to the table & the list truly goes on & on!
  • Am I concerned about the never-ending government intervention in the private sector & free market all in the name of the "common good"? Yes.
  • Am I questioning the yearly & monthly dues I pay to collect, distribute & access the data in question? Kind of...I have no problem with free public access but MY access to the same information costs BIG BUCKS & the fairness of that gives me pause in this debate.
  • TREB did not consult with its member REALTORS® regarding the first appeal or this one either. The amount of time & money spent fighting this is just mind boggling!
If we can keep our competitors focused on us while we stay focused on the customer, ultimately we'll turn out alright   -Jeff Bezos

This is by no means a comprehensive analysis of the situation, just a collection of random thoughts that have been percolating in my brain in the past week since the verdict was announced...

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Have a fabulous day!

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