Where is Clarington's Starbucks???

Pickering has 1...Ajax has 2...Whitby has 4...Oshawa has 3...There's even one at the ONroute in Port Hope, which is in Northumberland county...so where's Clarington's Starbucks??

|       Why has Starbucks deemed us unworthy?       |

We actually did have one for awhile, located in the Target in Bowmanville & for 16 glorious months we were blessed with the frothy goodness of their yummy concoctions....but then they took it away :(

Courtice has Tim Hortons, 3 of them in fact. Bowmanville has 2, with a 3rd opening soon & Newcastle has 1 as well. There are also some nice independent coffeeshops in both of these towns but if Santa Fe Springs, CA has 560 Starbucks locations in a 25-mile radius, why can't Clarington get just 1?

A few years ago there was an article that was making the rounds about the effect that Starbucks has on the neighbourhoods they're located in. Even how Starbucks knows the next hot neighbourhood before anyone else does...so given the enormous growth & real estate price increases that the various communities of Clarington have enjoyed in recent years, where is Starbucks to really put us on the map?

South Courtice could really use some amenities so that residents don't have to hike up to Hwy 2 for everything, & this could be a perfect spot! In my mind it could be part of a great "centre point" to make the neighbourhood more walkable.

What about the area around Green Rd & Hwy 2 as you enter Bowmanville? This area continues to be built up & a Starbucks could be a great addition to the overall shopping experience in this location.

The Port of Newcastle has the same problem as South Courtice with no amenities nearby...Hello! Prime location to create a neighbourhood hub!

Even if you're not a fan of their coffee, and many are not, if the research holds true in Canada like it does in the US, then we should all want one in our neighbourhood for what it will do to the local home values!

What do YOU think?

Have a fabulous day!

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