Heritage Homes - Own A Piece Of Local History!

I have a wonderful Heritage Home listed for sale right now, built in 1885 & full of beautiful original details. I admired the house from afar long before I met the family who has lived there for over 40yrs.

One of the most common comments I hear when people find out that it's a designated heritage property is  "oh, so you can't make any changes to it"... and that's just not true.

In this particular home there is a list of features which are protected under the designation, and those features
are what make the building special. The original staircase, the gorgeous wood trim around the windows & doors, the lightning rods on the roof, the fretwork on the verandahs...just to name a few.

The Heritage Act is all about protecting our local built history. If you want to remove or alter protected features then there is a process to follow with the local heritage committee. These committees are an excellent resource, made up of local volunteers, who work with homeowners to help them maintain & improve their homes under the guidelines of the Act.

Instead of thinking of them as an adversary who will prevent you from making the changes you want to, think of them as a partner who will help you make those changes in keeping with the style of the home that you fell in love with in the first place. Use the resources available to you to your advantage! There are grant programs available to assist with maintenance & improvements & some Municipalities offer tax relief as well! There are links below which you may find helpful.

Another common misconception when it comes to Heritage Homes is that the designation negatively affects the value of these properties. Well-known real estate lawyer Mark Weisleder wrote a great article called The Hidden Value in Heritage Properties that provides some great insight into this topic and there was also an in-depth study done by the University of Waterloo, called Heritage Designation and Property Values: Is There An Effect? that found, among other things, that "the values of heritage properties tend to be resistant to down-turns in the general market"

And finally, because this is MY blog, here's a shameless plug for the wonderful property that I have listed for sale in Clarington...visit our dedicated property website to find out more at www.1498TauntonRd.com

Heritage Homes are our local treasures. They help shape our communities' identity & preserving, restoring & telling their stories is both our privilege & responsibility.

"Heritage is an essential part of the present that 
we live in - and of the future we will build"


Tax Relief:  



Heritage Resources Across Durham Region:








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