Finding Balance

Real Estate never sleeps...or is it that I never sleep since I've been in real estate, lol...not sure which it is! ;)

As I write this it's 1am, it's quiet and inspiration struck so here I sit, laptop on my lap in my favourite chair.

I put in a full day today but still worked this evening and even though I worked a full week I will also be working this weekend.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining and I'm doing it of my own free will but it's really hard to "turn it off"!  I get an idea and I have to go research it, I get a call or email and want to follow up on it right away and of course I'm always in the middle of reading something, industry publications, online forums for real estate, continuing education material etc and it's really easy to lose hours at a time!

Meanwhile we're running out of clean laundry, the dishes are piling up and I'm not fitting in my daily I'm on a quest to find a better balance in my life!

I find it amusing that I started to write this post 2 weeks ago and never finished it, lol....and it's 1:30am this time and in the past 2 weeks nothing has changed! Actually I think it's gotten worse, I'll confirm that with my family! ;)

I like to start things fresh on Mondays and that would be tomorrow/today and my goal for tomorrow/today (lol) is to work a reasonable number of hours, eat properly instead of junk on the run and to re-start my workout program (TurboFire!!) from the beginning.  Seems like a doable plan so we'll see how it goes...

Until Next Time…

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  1. Update...

    I've spent more time physically at home since my post but I don't think I'm doing any better at staying on top of stuff around the house.

    I think my eating has gotten slightly better but I haven't restarted my exercise routine yet. I think the key to this is probably to do it 1st thing in the morning which is NOT my forte but that's my next thing to try!

    A new goal to add is to get in to see my hairdresser,'s been months!

    I'll keep perservering and do another update soon :)